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Arena Page – Applied geometry in fashion

MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear)

Fashion designer Arena Page flirts with mathematics and beauty. Her “Simple Complexity Complex Simplicity” collection is inspired by the Möbius strip and plays with the use of experimental 3D design.

Arena Page has designed a limited number of pieces, but all so complex that losing yourself among their folds is like a trip into an Escher-like space.

Her secret is not only the geometric model of German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius; a surface with no upper or lower side nor beginning or end.

The technically interesting aspect resides in the design process. Arena designs her pieces with 3D software, then she flattens them into 2D patterns from which she obtains the paper and textile forms that she assembles to regenerate a three dimensional structure.

A construction process that the young fashion designer of Russian origin developed during her Master’s in Fashion Design Technology at London College of Fashion. And that stems from a personal investigation that started when she was still a child making clothes for dolls.

Thanks to Lancia Trend Visions for this soruce of inspiration. Photography by Panos Damaskinidis. More informations at

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