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Art Now : Amazing Paintings by Meghan Howland

Here’s a preview of the excellent work of the Portland-based artist Meghan Howland, who often depicts people caught in swarms of birds, flowers or bunches of fabric. It’s never quite clear if the figure is in a safe or dangerous situation, an ambiguity that leaves each piece open for interpretation. Howland is represented by Bowerstock Gallery where you can see much more of her work.

About the artists

Meghan Howland (b. 1985 Haverhill, MA) is an emerging artist living and working in Portland, Maine. Her work deals with a range of styles and observaions, that are often personal in their meaning, while also dealing on a universal scale with larger cultural and emotional issues. Through a flurry of oil paint and sometimes animals, we are confronted by situations that are at once disarmingly beautiful, yet are infused with an implied sense of yearning, loss, or disaster. In recent work, subjects are bathed in nature in a subtly unnatural way. Naive to or unaffected by what is happening around them, figures are often used to explore issues of fragility, time, and our individual understandings of what is outside of us.

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