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Astor & Black

Bentley teams up with Astor & Black to provide custom suit with every new car

Order a new Bentley from the factory and you’ll be presented with nearly limitless color and trim choices for your chariot’s interior and exterior. The

experience is not unlike ordering a custom suit, made to measure. Now the two processes are coming together in a more direct correlation thanks to a new partnership between Bentley Motors and Astor & Black.

The latter is a custom clothier that might be recognized by some for outfitting one Angel Ramos, named the “best dressed real man” by Esquire magazine. Now they’ve teamed up with Bentley’s North American subsidiary to provide a custom-tailored new suit – along with bespoke shirt and handmade silk tie – to every client that orders a new Bentley.

The deal was first announced on orders for the new Mulsanne, but is now being expanded to the entire model range and will

be provided free of charge to Crewe’s customers in the United States and Canada. You know, in case you needed another reason to want a new Bentley. Source : and  Astor & Black

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