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Azure Office by Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy

The Azure Office by Sergey Makhno is the kind of office that makes competitors drool.

Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy designed this office for a client whose company produces design accessories. Therefore, the client wanted the office space to directly reflect his business.

The interior design aesthetic of the space is one that, in addition to being blue and bright, features a playful combination of sloping curves and angles. As for seating and table spaces, no two rooms share the same furniture in order to maintain the mischievous but interesting dynamic.

The wine-colored, square-form Origami chairs in the small meeting room contrast beautifully with the azure walls and simple, white table. Black, padded Blobby office chairs give a soft touch to the sparse individual office areas, while the shiny blue rounded sofas add a playful touch to a flexible, multi-use area.

The walls are covered in wood and Corian. The space consists of a meeting space, presentation area, terrace, restrooms and storage.

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv

Total area: 126 square meters

Project name: Ukraine Design Factory, “Azure”

Main material: Wood, concrete, Corian

Design team: Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy

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