Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

BA Collection ‘Algabal’ by Marius Janusauskas

The original idea of the collection reflects upon the concept of Übermensch. The research was made in different directions such as history, religions, politics, secret societies, culture and art. The aesthetic is inspired by the work of contemporary artists Gilbert & George. Strong identity, peculiar taste and symbolic imagery of Gilbert & George’s work create the unique men’s world ruled by artists themselves.

The man of the collection is playing God. He is cen- ter of his own artificial universe, where he sits upon the throne. He displays self-satisfaction and cele- brates rules. Dressing up in elements of power and symbols of hierarchy make him an icon for others who react either in fear, with belief or denial.

His garments are completely coved in sheer textile; shiny like an illusion. The fibers are not natural, but man-made; the choice of fabrics representing the limitation of his own universe. The symbolic meaning of colors invites us to read only the surface; there is no inside.

Words: Courtesy of Marius Janusauskas / Photos: Gabriel Saplontai


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