Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

Basketball Diaries – Laura Theys by Fashion Photographer Corelien Scherff

Flashes from the past, a distant but familiar one, firmly grounded in the ’90s inspired blend of plaid, cropped silhouettes and chunky layers of gold, gently laid against shards of sunny yesterdays; together they melt the sporty, the preppy and the edgy into one nifty juxtaposition of styles guilty of impregnating the solitary basketball court with the coolest philosophy.

Photographed by Corelien Scherff, no amount of words would suffice to describe Laura Theys’ incredible poise, proving, as if necessary, that sometimes redheads do it better.

White mesh meeting minimalistic bandeaus, lightweight bombers styled with matching bandanas, ripped jeans made luxe with a whisper of red lipstick, allow the sports and the basic to morph into a statement of now. Completed with hair and makeup by Esme Roding, you can check the complete photo shoot at the gallery.

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