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Belle De Jour Milan

Is this possible a place to be industrial and stylish at same time? Yes, it is! And it got a name: Milan.

Milan is where the fashion was produced and made real. Milan is the connection of the Belles de Jour around the world.

The ever present gray on any industrial city is forgot and overcome by the grace of mixing colors all over the rainbow spectrum on the unique combination only one goddess would be able to achieve when chooses what cloths to wear. The result can be both unexpected and astonishing.

On your first step at the Via Dante you can check out one passing Belle de Jour using the perfect matchups. The attention on every single detail makes all the difference and set her totally apart off the regular crowd.

If on a regular day you are at Piazza Duome and you feel not captured by the vision of the Gothic Cathedral, you’ll immediately notice all the glances are focused on something else. The passing-by Belle de Jour cruises with all her charm and would be capturing all the attention in the world.

Written by Fabiana Carvalhaes  exclusive to creativeboysclub.

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  1. dora prado 11/11/2011

    Belle de Jour!!! LOVED!!!!

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