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Belle De Jour Paris

You may, or may not, recognized the place. But you most definitely can feel the glamour in the air and the connection of those very same paving stones with the catwalks all over the world. It´s Paris, where the concept of fashion was defined and taken to the spotlight.

If on a regular day you pass Champs Elysee and you feel not captured by the vision of the Arc of Triumph, you’ll immediately notice all the glances are focused on something else. The passing-by Belle de Jour cruises with all her charm and would be capturing all the attention in the world.

Parisian weather conspires for stylish outfits because it can be hot or cold, or whatever, to surely calling for beauty and appeal. On a street’s café at Quartin Latin or on the border of Sienna River, the surroundings make the perfect match for the Belle de Jour to walk on a unique style, with attitude using the colors and contrasts.

At the end of the day, after realize Paris is the natural international nest of Belle the Jours, you start to wonder whether the expression “La Ville-Lumière” was given after the natural glow eradiated from them alone!

You may have not recognized the place from the start. But now, after check the people, the clothes and the ever present glamour in those pictures, you´ll positively remember it forever!

Written by Fabiana Carvalhaes  exclusive to creativeboysclub.

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