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Best of the Best 2011 Men’s Watches: Bovet Ottanta by Pininfarina

The Tourbillon Ottanta, a watch designed by Pininfarina for the Swiss maison Bovet, has been selected by Robb Report’s editors as “Best of the Best” Men’s Watches in the ranking drawn up every year by the prestigious American magazine to celebrate the luxury world’s most exceptional new products.

The development of this new calibre and every aspect of the design and production of its 514 constituent parts is the work of DIMIER 1738’s engineers and watchmakers and the Pininfarina Extra team. It is housed in a convertible case, meaning it can be worn on the wrist with either of its two faces displayed, or combined with a titanium chain – also exclusively designed by Pininfarina – for use as a pocket watch, or deployed as a miniature table clock.

As a tribute to the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina, celebrated in 2010, the technical designers of DIMIER 1738, created a tourbillon which makes one complete revolution in exactly 80 seconds, whereas traditionally this operation lasts one minute. To achieve this, they created an intersection in the going train. It will be noted also that the rim of the balance wheel has been designed in the shape of an ‘8’, centred in the ring representing the ‘0’, evoking once more with subtlety and attention to detail the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina.

The upper pivot of the tourbillon cage carries a hand which naturally does not display the seconds but traverses eight segments, recalling the number of decades in Pininfarina’s history, and points to eight emblematic phrases of the Pininfarina history and engraved on the timepiece. The assembly is balanced by a specially designed Pininfarina screw.

The essence of the partnership between Bovet and Pininfarina resides in the decoration of this automatic tourbillion. BOVET provides its exceptional expertise in mechanical architecture and its mastery of multiple,
age-old and modern decorative techniques, while the latter contributes its virtuosity in terms of design, elegance and colour associations.

The strap for its part is composed of two types of rubber whose surface reflects the block-polish and sand-jetted finish of the movement’s constituent parts. It has duplicate-moulded stainless-steel inserts ensuring harmonious integration with the case and an “alcantara effect” calfskin lining created specifically for optimal comfort. Fifty different operations were required for its manufacturing. Adding a final touch to this anthology, the dial has a brass flange with an anthracite colour finish and a rock crystal lower plate which reveals, in addition to the movement in its entirety, the power reserve hand and balance decorated meticulously in the same shade of blue as the Pininfarina logo, which appears also on the stitching of the sumptuous leather presentation case.

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