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Casa Club Bosque Altozano

Celebrating the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 atmosphere, Creative Boys Club brings you a project inspired by one of today’s opening  match teams: Mexico. Overlooking the Valle de Montaña Monarca, in the Morelia region of Mexico lies the Bosque Altozano Club House, work of Jorge Covarrubias and Benjamín González Henze, heads of the Mexican architecture studio Parque Humano.

The building resides effortlessly on a soft slope with privileged views absorbed by the wide open façade that frames the natural panorama with an inviting forced perspective effect caused by the asymmetric glassed walls of the foyer. Lounge area, dining space and an open terrace are the interior program.

Ceramic, amber and terracotta shades dominate the surfaces blending the House with the surroundings. This effect is granted by local stone used on the walls and floors, covering the steel structure. Timber roof and other wooden materials on the inside confirm the elegant and masculine appeal. That’s Mexico alright.

Arch Editor – André Pinto

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