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Design Now: ”Tie” White Armchair by Katerina Stavrinou Moleski / Exclusive Interview

Creative and ambitious, at senior year of Interior Design at Frederick University, Cyprus. Now she is studying as an Erasmus student at Birmingham City University.

Her future aim is to take a postgraduate in Furniture Design degree.  From a very early age she has been showing interest in the arts and participated in many art contests, even in a photography contest recently.  She designed her first armchair, ”Tie”, as part of a University project, then created the new ”Tie” white armchair and presented it in the most popular art festival in Cyprus which takes place during the last four years.  The main idea and inspiration about ‘Tie’ armchairs were ties and the complicated knitting of ties.  Different fabrics and cotton inside are used for the armchairs and knitted on a metal structure with a complicated way.

Here is an exclusive interview with the designer Katerina Stavrinou Moleski.

CBC: What inspires you in the world we live in today?

Katerina: Today we live in a world of technology , the technology has involved into our lives the last few years, people are being inspired by technology- google, youtube,Wikipedia,twitter, facebook, etc. –all that sources and much more have been a part of our lives. However, the technology is not a part of my life that could inspire me. Something that I could say that really inspires me is the liberalism in our world and society. People are thinking now more open and they don’t afraid to do things, so this is a good reason to be creative. Imagine that I am in the world that nobody is going to say to me ‘no’ if I want to create something that is beyond the fantasy. People that live in the world of today is very lucky about that, Years before when Picasso created the ‘Les Demoisselles de Avignon’ –nude women was such a shame before, but now is something usual in our society. The main idea is that, artists today live in a world without taboo and limits and that gives a privilege to create something unexpected that is beyond fantasy.

CBC: Today much is said in design. In your opinion what is the best definition of the word Design?

Katerina: Design? What is design? That is a long subject I think, you can’t define it with just words. Behind that subject there are too many things that get involved until the final result is done, there are things that people don’t know, for example why that design is looking like that?

Design is when you are being inspired by something or by a situation, and that makes you create something new but in the same time that new is influenced by something that already exist.

CBC: How do you see the market design in the world today?

Katerina: About the design market I think that this is the part after the people believe in you and your creations. This is the most difficult part for an artist. When you create something, you feel that is a part of you-at least that is the way I feel.
Another hard part is when you have to make people trust you and your creations. If you can touch people with your creations, after is easier to make them to buy your creations as well.
But, unfortunately I think that people who is ‘out’ of the design world, they cannot realize the reasons why sometimes a design table, or a design bowl, or a panting cost so much. Only people who is engaged into the design world can realize why a design product worth the price ratio.

CBC: In that inspires you to draw your creations?

Katerina: As I said before, the liberalism is the main thing that in general inspires me and make me feel more comfortable to create something new, but actually I am inspired by a variety of things, I get inspired by the world of art and design, by artists that really attracts me, I get inspired by the moments of my life, daily things, places, music, people. Sometimes I get inspired by something that I could never imagine that would inspire me but that’s the weird and nice –the unexpected moment of the inspiration and idea! I have mentioned that my creations are such complicated as my mood, personality and my feelings are, so I can say that my own personality, my feelings could be also my inspiration!

CBC: Do you believe that fashion, architecture, art and design are connected?

Katerina: There is no doubt that fashion, architecture and design is connected. If you are a fashion designer, or an architect, or an interior designer for example, you do the same things: inspire experiment, imagine, and create. I believe that all are connected and each one of them has an impact into the others. Many designers and architects are influenced by art or fashion and sometimes fashion, architecture and art involves together to produce something.

CBC: We believe that music really inspires Design and connects people around the world.. So tell us, which currently plays in your headphones?

Katerina: Music is like a common language that everyone knows and speak, I believe. Artists and designers usually are get inspired by music and sometimes the music is like an elixir for artists and designers because when you are confused, or when you don’t feel very well, or if you are happy, music is always there to keep you up!
Now, on mine headphones plays one of the famous bands and I am stuck on it since I came to Birmingham, but in general I listen to a variety of music that depends on my mood, my psychology and the feelings of the particular time and place where I am.

Inspire. Imagine. Create! Katerina Stavrinou Moleski

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