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MIMI.C by Milda Cergelyte

When the Creative Director describes her design philosophy as ‘no rules and no compromise’, you suddenly yearn for something fresh and different. MIMI.C – the brand created by Milda Cergelyte, is a wonderful mish-mash of colour, prints and unique fabric choices that are put together with an expert hand and eye for style.  The result is a collection of clothes that look crazy and yet somehow perfectly wearable.  MIMI.C provides you with its ready-to-wear clothes as well as a luxurious custom made service.

Milda Cergelyte was born in Lithuania.  A self-taught designer, she launched her first collection at the age of 15 and is now an award winning designer.  The brand was opened in Lithuania back in 2009 and has won awards since then.  At age 18, once MIMI.C had received Lithuanian recognition, Milda bravely left to expand the brand in London.

“Fashion is the only thing I can and want to do, there were no other dreams in my life.” – Milda Cergelyte

Milda goes to great lengths to use her collections to comment on social issues that are often taboo for designers.  A/W 12/13 PETIA Campaign ‘combined a timeless design with contemporary edge’ and utilized both faux and real fur, leather, wool, cotton materials, with fake blood details that were inspired by PETA and, of course, human nature’ –

“We love animals, that’s why sometimes people wear them.” – Milda Cergelyte

PETIA, the new collection from MIMI.C took inspiration and beauty where others might find dirt, wounds, scars or blood.  Caught between the prestigious fur boutiques and the PETA organized campaigns, MIMI.C chose a third route using both as inspiriation.

‘Hunting and power parallel temples built by blood, sweat and violence. Cities developed by kings, emperors, bankers and tycoons, Popes and prostitutes. As domestic animal murders shroud themselves within a veil of imaginative culinary opus, recipes are offered every day  – in the form of an endless visual soup by which we experience the relentless action of eternity.’

CBC: Who’s Milda Cergelyte?

Milda Cergelyte a lady behind exclusive demi-couture womenswear label MIMI.C.

CBC: How did you realize you wanted to work in fashion?

When my barbies had more dresses than my school friends all together did , and I even started to receive custom made orders from my friends barbies – there was no way back.

CBC: What inspires you in the world we live in today?

Smell, music, air, sky, blood, running, river, lady biting her nails in the tube, church, beetroot…everything. But mostly – music and love.

CBC: How do you see the global fashion and design now, with all this crisis in the United States and the European Union?

Consumerism and fast fashion is making me sick. The smell of primark, H&M… Oxford street on saturday. Me and my customers are going for style and quality, not quantity.

CBC: We believe that music really inspires fashion, and connects people around the world.. So tell us, which currently plays in his headphones?

DJ CAM – Swim /  The soundtrack of my future show…Which I can not tell you… But i currently listen to.

MIMI.C / / /


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