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Fashion Business: adidas Originals & Topshop

Can it get any better? One of the UK’s best is at it again with no one other than Adidas Originals. Topshop and Adidas have come up with a 20-piece collection that is sure to catch the eye. This collection sticks with the typical blend of items that both companies produce being tracksuits, sportswear, and casual clothing.

This collaboration has taken some of the most iconic pieces to the next level. The tracksuit is said to be one of the strong points of Adidas. Being said, Topshop has added that extra flavour using their prints that can be seen in the video below.

There is a floral element to it that demonstrates fully what such a mix can bring. Adidas has been great at keeping their culture by not straying too far away from what people are used to and Topshop is bringing a youthful side to that which spices things up.

Written by Cameron Muir / Creative Boys Club Editor in California, EUA

Watch the video below:

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