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Fashion Illustrations by Doyeon Noro Kim

  ” I see myself as a ‘platform’ to reflect ‘Fashion Illustration’ through different substances and principles in which ways I perceive both Fashion and Art as a whole.

 In my three years at London College of Fashion I continued to ponder the question ‘what is fashion illustration?’ – Is Fashion an art form and how Fashion Illustration fits into Art and Fashion?

Taking into consideration the same amount of artistic expression goes into Fashion and Art, the combination of the two fuses two artistic forms to create another work of art. Fashion Illustration translates an idea or an image which can be seen in various Fashion Houses and Magazines in the world. Magazines will use Fashion Illustration to make their designs more dynamic, more creative, a world of Fantasy and Illusion.

 If Fashion Designers are influenced by Painters such as the greats like Picasso etc. Fashion Illustrators can be influenced by many factors which include Painters, Designers, but also can include the Environment, Social Issues. The question now arises are Fashion Illustrators given more creativity than a Designer, only you can answer that question. 

When we look at some of the great Fashion Illustrators of the 20th century such as Nicholas Drake, Rene Gruau, Andy Warhol – each of them expresses themselves and the images differently, they are all individual and diverse. This is what makes Fashion Illustration such a fascinating subject. ”

Collaboration with Mikyoung Kim 

Delicate and adorable fashion illustrations of artist Kim Doyeon Noro. This really makes my day very happy !

More works :

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