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Fashion on the Rocks! Street Fashion in London captured by Brett Heathcote exclusive to the CBC

Here is a lovely photography work inspired by the street fashion of London, captured by talented photographer Brett Heathcote  exclusive to the creativeboysclub.

About the photographer:

”First and for-most I’m a portrait / fashion photographer.  And never had been involved in ‘street style Photography’ as I tend to work in a very controlled and methodical way, relying on building a connection with the people that I Photography.

This induces intimacy with who I photograph and it can be a very private way of working and in which I can spend up too 3 to 4 hours getting to know who I’m photographing before I decide when it feels ‘right’ to photograph them.  So the thought of working  at London fashion week would be perhaps quite a task master as I was less interested in Shooting this seasons  ‘Fashion style’ but to try and capture  the intangible quality of the individual, their energy and Individualism.

A challenge as I knew I would have seconds to Photograph them.  So my own brief were to capture that intimacy, the passion of someones own persona in a very short space of time.    Fashion is an industry that relies on current trends that dictates influences to those that follow the Movement and all its different guises.

Which by style is the very essence of an individual expressed though their clothes.  I’m less interested in a particular ‘trend’ but personally interested in Photographing people with their very own sense of intrinsic ‘style’ which I find much more inspirational and powerful than wearing a Particular trend.” – Brett Heathcote

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  1. Andrea Petersen 10/31/2012

    Awesome, forward fashion!!!

  2. zeca perdigão 01/21/2013

    Adoro sempre!!!

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