Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

Fashion On The Rocks – Street Style In Paris (FW/SS14) Photographed by Brett Heathcote – CBC Exclusive

A collection of street style pictures that I took over Paris FW/SS14. My second season in the metropolis observing and taking photographs of the who’s who and the who’ are’s, by which I mean I have no idea most of the time who I’m Photographing. I’m not a ‘street style’ photographer although the whole experience I find engaging‘ Ultimately I like to take pictures and I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in such places to do what i love.

The inspiration behind taking these pictures was not to record or document any particular style or trend, it never has been my intention. I’m Portrait Photographer with eye on fashion and forever trying to keep it real, seeking the simplicity in the photographs I take and aim to find a balance in Photographing Fashion weeks in London or Paris and the everyday ‘style’ of those who catch my eye. Its’ hard to define what or who inspires me, because I’m inspired by many things and if I’m lucky I hope to capture this somewhere in my work.

Next stop… Hopefully New York and Milan. – Breatt Heathcote

FASHION ON THE ROCKS is a exclusive series in partnership with the talented fashion photographer BRETT HEATHCOTE, based in Leicester, England.

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