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Fashion Photographer: Rafa Borges / Live Fast Die Young – Exclusive Interview

Who is Rafael Borges?

I am RafaBorges, years old, ex circus performer, graduated in graphic design and post graduate in photography.Currently I live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

At what point in your life, you really knew it would be a photographer?

I realized I wanted to be a photographer when I saw that it was possible to transmit more than memoriesin an image, but many messages. What the pictureI could realize my imagination, feelings and desires, as well as on the picture will freeze a picture but the way to materialize and perpetuatefeelings.

Black and white or color?

Black and white! With black and whitebring more drama into the picture. Even when capturing the image I already do in black and white, to have a greater sense of the nuances, shades of gray shades. I like trying to keep the tradition of the great photographers who I admire as Bresson and AnselAdams.

Excessive use of the resources of Photoshop in magazines, is always cause for some controversy. What do you think?

I’m fully in favor the use of the imagesin photoshop, but being used with great good sense. I like how the currentphotographers Lachapelle Abusing the tool in your images to create a surreal world with a perfect aesthetic, but I’m also in favorof the photos super raw, without any treatment or correction of the imperfections of the models. However, we are in the era of digital photography and believe that the use of photoshop and other image processing software are needed to set up the photos today. In my case, I like to use software that simulatesa darkroom negative,because I like to keep the essence extracted from the original scene.

What inspires you in the world we live in today?

Everything inspires me! People, wishes and desiresof society, what uncomfortable oris repudiated. To extract characters from the coreof the models is what most inspires me and encourages me to do the photos.
Music is also part of my creative process, listen to good music is already the main part to a good inspiration.

Most of his works are linked to fashion editorials, as you see the global market this segment now?

The photographicmarket is always in high fashion. People always want to see beautifulmodels and super produced,or models supermuscles shirtless and speedo.In my opinion there is no scandal in the fashion that can take the glamor and importance surrounding their fashion and photography. I just think we’re at a stage that we need new things, new languages​​, new attitudes and not just a reinterpretation of the past, or languages ​​always very repetitive!
The popularization of photographydid develop a very simple picture language, crude that is being preferred by many. But I think the concern with beautiful photography, with an interestingangle, perfect meteringhas returned to have a great importance in the fashion world.

We believe that music really inspires fashion. So tell us, who currently plays in his headphones?

Music isone of the things that inspire me to create!
I always listen to much electro as Miss Kittin,Felix DahouseCat, Swedish House Mafia.I like music to me cause intense catharsisencouraging me to develop the images.
But really enjoy listening to music as involving Enigma, The Golden Filter, Massive Attackand Air that complement the sensual side of my creations.

”Live Fast Die Young” /  Photo and design by  Rafa Borges

 Art Director: Remulo Brandão   /   Production Assistant: João Andrade
Models: Sulevan Araujo (FORD), Bernardo Haueisen (FORD), Adriaan Zanetti (FORD), Jefferson Moura (Woll), Matheus Fernandes (Woll), Silas Espeschit (Woll)


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