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Feist ”Metals” Full Album Stream

On her new 12-song collection, Metals, Canadian singer/songwriter Feist is joined by her longtime collaborators Chilly Gonzales and Mocky. The trio spent a frigid month “Trying to sound like we had played together as long as we’d collectively known each other, around 50 years,” then decamped for California’s rugged Big Sur coastline to record them. Feist co-produced the album with her aforementioned collaborators and Valgeir Sigurosson (Bjork, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.)

“Recording can be a weightless free float from your day-life, and I like to pick places with certain fertile qualities that can give me a visual hook that I’m there to do something other than what I would otherwise do. And that clean line between land and see, the graphic edge of the continent pointing out toward the east, meaning not the Atlantic next stop Europe feeling, but next stop somewhere you’ve never been,” Feist says. “Plus, you are somewhere that looks completely unfound and yet it’s been so perfectly recorded literarily. Steinbeck made 1000 albums there! Henry Miller and Anais Nin probably considered that line between land and sea, too. And on top of it, we truly found the perfect room to build a studio in, perched on the cliffs. A giant empty space.”

Metals’ songs range from low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense, as if it sonically maps the fog rolling in and the resulting cracking of thunder. “There’s a lot more chaos and movement and noise than I’ve had before,” Feist says. “I allowed for mistakes more than I ever have, which end up not being mistakes when you open things up and make room for them. It was about un-simplifying things and leaning on these masterful minds I have so much respect for. We were sort of testing the air, like a sea captain licks his finger to see which way the wind is coming from. It was less Brill Building and more naturalistic.”

Track Listing:

The Bad In Each Other


Caught A Long Wind

How Come You Never Go There

A Commotion

The Circle Married the Line

Bittersweet Melodies

Anti Pioneer

Undiscovered First

Cicades and Gulls

Comfort Me

Get It Wrong, Get It Right

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