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From Brazil To The World. MY PAPER SUNGLASSES | 3rd Edition

A creative and fun idea. Everybody knows that before being a fashion accessory, sunglasses have the function of improving and protecting our eyes. They also serves as filters for the things we want to see and, mainly, for those special things that we want to show. What about paper sunglasses? For Otávio Santiago, creator and curator of the funny “My Paper Sunglasses” exhibition, the glasses can also let us blind. A reverse blindness, as the lenses transforms into a curious support for revelations.

In your third edition, artists from different areas, invited to intervene over the paper lenses, are photographed, “seeing” themselves through their creations. Now the sunglasses appear as panels, over which the artist propels his/her peculiar point of view, a very close one: a picture of him/herself that he/she always wanted to see, or, better, to exhibit.

The ideas presented through “My Paper Sunglasses” will also work as bases for the creation of an inspired fashion editorial, focusing once more with the lenses of art, design, publicity. For everybody who wants to see.

3rd Edition | Conception_ Otávio Santiago | Photo_ Breno Mayer | Styling_ Juliano Sá | Styling Assitent_  João Paulo Durão | FAshion_  Joana Maria e Nara Goulart | Beauty_ Ronnie Peterson | Video_ Paulo Raic | Models_ Ford_ Bernardo Haueisen, Carolina Salomão, Daniele Antonopoulos e Vinicius Loures

My Paper Sunglasses | 3rd Edition Artists

André Filur (SP) / Angelina Camelo (BH) / Bruno Big (RJ) / Catalina Hallés (MVD) / Clara Valente (BH) / Bianca Spósito (BH) / Binho Barreto (BH) / Daniele Antonopoulos (BH) / David Smyth (UK) / Dragana Brankovic (YUG) / Eduardo Fonseca (BH) / Eduardo Taborda (POA) / Ernestina Pereyra (MVD) / Federico Arnaud (MVD) / Fernando de La Rocque (RJ) / Ganso (BH) /
Gustavo Jauge (MVD) / Gustavo Tabares (MVD) / João Maciel (BH) / Joey Vanacore (IT) / Julio Vieira (SP) / Juliana Freire (SP) / Laurindo Feliciano (BH) / Leo Uzai (RJ) / Mariana Pabst Martins (SP) / Marina Ribas (RJ) / Mercedes Bustelo (MVD) / Michel Ducourneau (França) / Otávio Santiago (BH) / Paulo Raic (BH) / Peu Mello (RJ) / Raquel Schembri (BH) / Renato Amado (PAN) / Richard Meliande (MVD) / Rodrigo Mogiz (BH) / Selma Andrade (BH) / Thiago Caixeta (BH) / Virgílo Andrade (PTM) / Zepa (BH)

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