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Futuristic: The Art of Marieka Ratsma

The laws of physics may be rigid, but they have a glamour aspect too. Marieka Ratsma shows it to us in her latest project “Das Axiom der Fairness”, in which the 3D accessory made with Kostika Spaho, “Biomimicry Shoe”, stands out.

The idea behind the project comes from a seminary on the correct distribution of weights and forces, held by German physicist Claus Mattheck. And so “Das Axiom der Fairness” by Dutch designer Marieka Ratsma took form.

The collection explores various theories on symbiosis between organisms of different species and their interaction with the environment. Some of the accessories demonstrate this with their idea of traditional architecture joined with a contemporary aesthetic tied to biology as well as functional and natural structures.

The most striking example is the “Biomimicry Shoe”, a pair of high-heeled shoes designed by architect Kostika Spaho, inspired by the skeleton structure of birds and developed using 3D printing.

“Das Axiom der Fairness” is the graduate project of Marieka Ratsma at HKU Utrecht. The Dutch designer’s work is inspired by the development of intelligent systems and lifestyles based on those present in nature, particularly projects that use materials more efficiently and allow resources to be shared.  Source lanciatrendvisions

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