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Exclusive: George Keburia ( BE NEXT fashion design contest 2012 ) Photos + Interview

George Keburia, a very promising young design in the fashion world. This is his third collection, which was presented on BE NEXT Contest.The inspiration of the collection was a BIRD NEST. He used feathers, chains and organza to create visual of his theme.

 CBC: Who’s George Keburia? 

George Keburia is 21 years old fashion designer from Tbilisi,Georgia.

CBC: How did you realize you wanted to work in fashion? 

Fashion has been my obsession from the early childhood I was sketching and dreaming to become a professional designer so one day i decided to drop studies and to have my say in fashion world.

CBC: What inspires you in the world we live in today?

It can be anything but i can never define exactly what inspires me, it can be emotional portraits, people or music.

CBC: How do you see the global fashion and design now, with all this crisis in the United States and the European Union?

I think the effects of the global fashion extremely negative. Designers simplify the collections to make clothes more commercial. And part of the work of art that involves the creation, always loses.

CBC: We believe that music really inspires fashion, and connects people around the world.. So tell us, which currently plays in his headphones?

Clams casino, Heartsrevolution , Glass candy, M.I.A, Lana Del Rey, Salem

Designer: George Keburia /  Make-Up: Christine R. /  Model: Lika Abrumia /  Photo.Style: Gregory Regini

You can find more information on BE NEXT contest at :

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