Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

Ghaphic Design by Mark Niemeijer – You Maan

Here are some very inspiring works signed by the talented graphic designer Mark Niemeijer – You Maan, based on the Netherlands.

”To create things that help you to express yourself and impress others is what I really enjoy about design. I specialize in branding, illustration, typography, webdesign, photomanipulation and more and next to graphic designer you could consider me as a digital artist. I do a lot of work in my free time as a way of self-expression.” Mark Niemeijer


Two concept flyers as announcement for an Ep-release.

Placing of the different objects on the flyers aren’t based on a grid but are placed all a bit ‘off’ so the viewer will wonder if it’s really symmetric or not. Creating visual distortion.


Velour at Asos. A serie of two with experimental type and imagery to interact with the menswear. A glitch like image to represent the easy access to the clothing. “Look what I can do with this picture from Google.”


A piece inspided by Delfts blauw (Delfts blue) with Dutch typography added to it. It’s my first piece in Dutch.



Before yesterday everything was fine.

The day after tomorrow everything will be fine.

Last year everything was different.

Next year everything is going to be different.

Mark Niemeijer – You Maan 




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