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Halftone Print Series by Joshua M. Smith / Hydro 74

Amazing Halftone Print Series illutrated by Joshua M. Smith ( hydro 74 ) Orlando, FL, USA

”Prepping up a new print series coming shortly where I personally wanted to explore halftones in Illustrator.  These are mock ups of the pieces getting printed & wanted to share.”

About Hydro74 :

Hydro74 is a Orlando based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith.

”The soul purpose of my career is to push the boundries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work. But let’s be honest. I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet


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