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Hassel Architecture – Melbourne ANZ CENTRE

After an involuntary period of absence, it was about time to go back to roaming the designsphere for good things to inspire our creative day-to-day. And nothing better to improve our quality of work than an original work environment. After a number of companies (mainly Silicon Valley geeks) started to consider words such as cool, hip and fun into designing office space back in the far, far away 90’s, the trend had been set.

An enthusiastic example of how far this trend has gone is the ANZ Centre, a commercial complex by Hassel Design ( that affirms the Australian city of Melbourne as one of the design capitals of the world. Defined as an urban campus and home to 6,500 users per day, the building displays an open atrium onto which office space, relaxation and common areas open to the flooding natural light.

Respecting the complex’s architecture, the interior design is done so that each space has its own character, maintaining the human scale even in such a large building. These qualities have awarded the ANZ the Best Interior award from the World Architecture Festival, and the incorporation of a number of green initiatives has made the building also a global environmental and social sustainability benchmark.

Earthy tones from the ground to a sky palette on the upper levels define the colors of the surfaces as a way to establish a relationship to the site – the Melbourne Docklands, reason why the building shapes in a fluid composition.

It seems like the results of pumping up design into workspace, even in such scale, are starting to pay up. Just considering working in a place like that makes one begins to feel imaginative already. Makes you wonder: what will the future hold to the “Y” generation if catalyzed by powerful creative tools? – ArchEditor André Pinto

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