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International Mountain Summit ’10

The increasing activity of the mountain as a recreational area for tourists, climbers and hikers, is leaving the dramatic consequences for its delicate ecosystem. From year to year the increase of housing construction and permanent shelters in the high mountains, are the cause of indelible scars and points of no return. The project intends to place himself in contrast, suggest alternative ways to enjoy the mountains, promoting sustainable development and use of solutions with minimum environmental impact.

 “Eco-temporary refuge” is a building to stay in the mountains, designed to be self-sufficient, flexible and easily removable. Built in the factory and transported by helicopter, aim at a zero impact on the environment. Try to decrease the contact with the ground by raising the building on pillars that fit the pre-existing condition of the soil. It is a revolutionary conceptual approach, in which the human presence is suitable and complies with the peculiarities of the natural environment.

Designed to accommodate up to six people, offers the comfort necessary to live properly in cold weather. “Eco-temporary refuge is equipped with a 4 kW solar panels that can power the underfloor heating system, electrical system, appliances and system transformation of snow into drinking water. Its coverage, in fact, does not avoid the snow, but instead accept it. The snow layer works like thermal insulation and at the same time flows into a sewage treatment plant turned into hot water. In an emergency you can also use a reserve of bioethanol for the basic needs. The windows are minimized, but maximized only on the panoramic side . The low-emissivity glass has a positive “greenhouse gases” that contributes to the increase in day temperature. In hard and cold times, you can use a curtain thermal insulation. 

On the contrary during the summer there is a system of opening and ventilation. Through a system of pillars tires you can create a table top on which is possible to install the refuge by helicopter . The idea is to build a shelter self-sufficient in case of removal does not leave marks and scars. The objective of the refuge is to improve the perception of the visitor, in order to suggest love and attention towards the mountain. Admire the beauty suggests delicacy and respect. “Eco-temporary refuge” : sustainable living and new outstanding point of view on the landscape. 

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