Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

Jared Leto by Erik Hart & Tatiana Leshkina

The Rock Singer and Actor Jared Leto photographed by Erik Hart & Tatiana Leshkina and amazing styled by Katie Burnett with pieces from Dior Homme, 3.1 Phillip Lim, John Galliano, Calvin Klein, Commes des Garçons and more, for Bullett Magazine.

”Jared Leto stands on the third step of a stairway that leads down to his pool area and recording studio. He is wearing what looks like a milkman’s uniform and a crewneck sweater made of AstroTurf, with a vestigial swatch of rubbery silver fabric peeking out from the bottom. A stylist and her assistant hover, poking and smoothing, while he stands with his legs spread slightly apart and his arms obediently away from his sides to facilitate any adjustments they have to make, like a kid wearing a snowsuit. When we’re introduced, he gives a long, generous moment of eye contact and laughs easily when I tell him it looks as if he just killed Oscar the Grouch and donned the Muppet’s pelt.”

”Between outfit changes, Leto dematerializes for a moment and reappears with a tray of Godiva chocolates, which he delivers in the style of a French waiter to everyone in the room. He remembers names and is courteous even though he’s feeling fragile. He spent all of the previous night editing the music video for his band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new single “Up In the Air,” an eight-minute amalgam of contemporary imagery that includes but is not limited to: Dita von Teese riding a mechanical bull, Taiko drummers in Pussy Riot balaclavas, artist Maxwell Snow with a blowtorch, one of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings, U.S. Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber, and a dazzle of zebras. He takes a few minutes to explain to the shoot’s photographer why he loves the wall-sized, tar- and feather-covered mixed media installation by Dan Colen that hangs near his popcorn machine. When people address him, he sometimes puts a reassuring hand on their arm or shoulder to more properly convey the act of listening. If there were a puppy around, he’d probably be very nice to it.” – Kathryn Borel / Bullet Magazine

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