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Lamborghini x BAPE Arctic Camo Aventador with Ski Box

If you’re wondering why this Lamborghini Aventador is sporting a ski box, I’d suggest you head over to Jon Olssen’s website. Besides the glorious arctic camouflage BAPE wrap that envelops the modern driving machine, this twelve cylinder beast is wearing a complete Liberty Walk LB Performance aerodynamic kit, including front bumper and lip, side sills, rear lower diffuser and rear wing.

In addition, she’s outfitted with an Innotech Performance Exhaust system; Santa’s sleigh doesn’t stand a chance.

“Heading to the slopes? Wanna take my Lambo?” said nary a soul ever, but maybe that’ll change with this Lamborghini Aventador that’s actually been outfitted for trips to the North Pole. Putting Santa’s sleigh to shame, the Aventador features 4 wheel drive capabilities, an IPE exhaust system, a big bold arctic camouflage BAPE wrap, and a ski box on the roof ready to haul your gear. This speed demon can both tear up the Autobahn with its V12 or simply take your snowboard to Colorado.

Delving deeper inside, there’s also an Innotech Performance Exhaust system and Liberty Walk LB Performance body kit, including a rear wing. You’re looking at about $80,000 worth of customizations here, so don’t go looking for any black ice.

Thanks to Durkaman and thecarwallpapers for the news!

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