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Luxurious Lifestyle: Bitcoin, the new way to trade?

What’s cooler than the Tesla Model S Performance? Not much, but maybe the electronic currency used to buy it. Recently, the famous super car dealership, Lamborghini of Newport Beach was the first to accept the upcoming electronic currency Bitcoins.

Not too much has been said about this currency but we do know someone purchased the wonderful Model S with it. The cars value, being around 100,000 US dollars was exchanged for something close to 86 Bitcoins. Being said, we estimate each Bitcoin being 1,150 USD.

The secret being this new currency is the cryptography behind it; this ensures that these transactions are safe between people. It helps so that the same Bitcoin isn’t being used more than once. Hopefully we will be seeing more of this new currency in the future. This is a big step forward if this prestigious dealership in Newport is taking the leap.

Written by Cameron Muir / Creative Boys Club Editor in California, EUA

Watch the video below for more details on this amazing car: Tesla Model S – Official Walkthrough HD

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