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Meeting point for snowboarders by Cimini Architettura

During a long day of snowboard often stopping along the way to wait for their friends and follow their evolution with the board. Other times we’re just a quiet place to stop to rest and organize an evening drink. In others moments we need a technical support aspects of skiing and weather information and safety in the snow. Comes the need to create a place, a meeting point for snowboarders where to find and spend a few minutes before continuing their descent. SJE is based conceptually on the creation of this site.

A project  not on the edge of the track, but fully integrated with the path. The idea is to space within a trampoline in the snow park, which allows an easy implementation of the ramp jumping and offering a spectacular view of the ski run and the surrounding mountain panorama.

 At the same time the project includes a system for recovering kinetic energy production of the skiers. During the jump snowboarders land on a platform hidden under a layer of snow. The pressure on the plate causes a deformation that can be transformed into electricity and stored in special batteries, and then be reused.

The technology is already known and used in other fields. It is emphasized that the project is still in a state of concept. It is beginning to study with the help of a team of athletes and engineers, how to jump, the dimensional characteristics and inclinations to ensure optimal comfort and a jump a satisfactory energy production. Moreover, the production is bound to the influx of skiers daily and yearly would use SJE.

The first data results a lot. interesting. Obviously it is important to emphasize that it is a symbolic production but it can make self-sufficient this space. The aim is to raise awareness of the skiers to a sustainable use of mountain inviting them to contribute through their jumps to produce clean energy that can be reduced to a minimal extent of the ecological footprint that each of us during the stay at high altitude. The hope is to create, through a deliberately provocative project, a community that feels a participant in a process environmentally sustainable approaching these issues a target young and vibrant, even in moments of leisure that can demonstrate their environmental awareness. 

SJE is a product completely built in the factory, which has no direct impact during the construction period mountainous ecosystem. It consists mainly of a cylindrical insulated  structure, produced by recycling portions of silos used for agricultural and food  activities . SJE is a new kind of place where a responsible and fully enjoy the fun and beauty of the mountain. A project in continuous development. A new area of ??the mind. For think about the future of the climate and environment. 

 Text by Andrea Jasci Cimini /

See also: International Mountain Summit ’10, another very interesting project signed by Andrea Jasci Cimini.

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