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Met Hotel by Zege Architects Design


Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Met Hotel is a new high end place with exclusive design from Zege Architects. The building understands the language of the visitor with form, ambiance, luxury, sexiness and comfort. Lounging atmospheres and immaculate detailing is everywhere.


The contemporary Met Hotel welcomes you from the instant you pull up in the driveway. The interior expresses a strictness and seriousness through the straight edge clear cut furniture combined with artistic accessories and dynamic artwork.


Between the two restaurants, a surrounding glazed atrium is one of the most dominant architectural features. This inside/outside space is the prime focus of the ground floor, offering natural day light within the interior.


In the corridors leading to the bedrooms, structural wood panel forms create an experience of volume and warmth. Inside the bedrooms, we find the presence of wood, lacquer and glazing. Two hundred and twelve guest-rooms are available, accompanied by accommodations such as Spa, VIP Lounge, Conference rooms and Gourmet Restaurants.


In atmospheric bars is a space within a space approach, designed for intimacy and privacy. The soft materials relax the experience and create a isolated and intimate feeling within the circular forms of seating. (source-yatzer)

The 16 large-size works and installations of the hotel’s collection are accessible to hotel guests as well as visitors. It is yet another cultural highlight for the City of Thessaloniki, featuring artists like Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Bill Viola, Jenny Holzer and Jannis Varelas whose works are exhibited in the world’s most famous collections and museums. The result of this art event easily compares to top-notch museum collections.

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