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Mr.Jones-The Last Laugh | Skull Watch

The Last Laugh

“Central to the way the design progressed was developing the theme of the on stage ‘death’ and the drive of performers to go to ever greater lengths to elicit laughs from a crowd. The skull references the‘tears of a clown’ concept, the widely held belief that comedians are essentially quite sad in nature and the rather pointless desire that many stand-ups have to have the last laugh.”

Designed with comedian William Andrews, this watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth. The overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori – an object intended to remind us that life is brief.

The resulting watch is disarmingly childish and cartoon like which reflects my own interest in the kitsch and the playful design of advertising and childrens toys”.

This watch is available in an initial edition of 100 pieces, each watch is numbered on the caseback and comes with an insert card signed by William Andrews and Crispin Jones.


William Andrews is Comedian and writer with a background in design and photography. He’s a BAFTA winner and can’t stand Michael winner, with a comedy sketch show on BBC radio 4 and over 10 years of stand up experience.

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