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My Dream for Animals – An Editorial Devised by George Speros

My Dream for Animals – An Editorial Devised by George Speros – George Speros is an executive agent at The Society Management and a devoted friend of animals– his newest launch isn’t pushing the next it-girl, but is all about drumming support for the latter. His website aspires to educate readers to the widespread mistreatment of animals, critters domestic and exotic alike. As the name implies the site proposes achievable “Dreams” and details the dire situations, but also includes how actions can translate to positive change. The site also profiles people and organizations actively impacting the well-being of animals.

George didn’t have to look far to find other animal lovers to help him with outreach for the launch of his site, wildly good-looking ones, too. Runway and editorial stars Lindsey Wixson, Natalie Westling, Alisa Ahmann, Annika Krijt, Amilna Estevao and Catherine McNeil jumped on the chance to get behind his cause sitting for the lens of Scott Mac Donough, all subtly channeling their primal nature. It was a chance to mobilize fashion’s underpinning of instant followers with hopes to influence the collective real world. While the site doesn’t explicitly operate in the realm of fashion, George’s ties tether it to a world that has long had a complicated relationship with the championing of animals. Stella McCartney is one of the industry’s most notable anti-fur proponent and PETA pledge while most others remain cautiously hush on the subject. But the range of “Dreams” is more far more encompassing including such topics like elephants in the circus, chimpanzees and labs, bear bile farms and puppy mills. The site’s list will continue to be updated and added to monthly, much to George’s dismay, “Unfortunately the list of dreams is long as so many different types of animals are mistreated.” But while George has a lofty agenda considering the breadth of mistreatment, that doesn’t stop him, as he explains, “My ultimate wish is to help illuminate a pathway through conscious action and awareness that will give animals the voice and respect they deserve.”

Website –
Facebook – My Dream for Animals
Instagram – @MyDreamforAnimals
Twitter – @mydream4animals
Lindsey Wixson
Amilna Estevao
Natalie Westling
Catherine McNeil
Annika Krijt
Alisa Ahmann

All animals photographed at Star Animal Sanctuary of Long Island

Photographer: Scott Mac Donough
Hair: Ryan Mitchell
Makeup: Angie Parker using RMS beauty
Art direction: Stephan Moskovic

A interview by Steven Yatsko

George Speros with his dogs Dino and Joaquin

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