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Pabellon en el bosque – Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Project by Parque Humano

luxurious simplicity! Space of retreat and meditation

Pabellon en Lamina is a space which combines the provision of temporary shelter with an inducement to participate in specifc acts of memory, contemplation, and philosophical speculation; as well as a place for retreat and meditation. It is related to the process of creating philosophical works, which may take as their subjects the nature of the environment in which the pavilion is itself sited. The Pavilion is made in relation to architectural form as well as to the sculptural and visual senses. In its sitting, this pavilion is deliberately positioned in a large plot of land, following the path of an existing pine tree alley.

The viewer on the inside is in constant fux according to the conditions of changing light and the position of the sun, which affects the refection and transparency of the glass. Perception has no time spam, there is no acknowledgment of temporality, the art experience is pure. The observing subject is conscious of being part of a present, palpable, located in a specifc time and reality. For the concept of this project, we sought for a higher unity between architecture and nature.

Altitude: 1,830 m above sea level. Temperate semi-humid climate. Rainfall during summer. Summer, circa 33°C. Winter, circa -2°C. Shallow soil with rocks.

TYPE: Commission,


CLIENT: Private

LOCATION: Valle de Bravo, Mexico,

STATUS: Completed

DESIGN PHASE: 2009 – 2011


PROJECT TEAM: Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamín González Henze with Juan Jose Barrios

COMPANY: Parque Humano
PHOTOGRAPHS: Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto.

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