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Japanese designer Chikara Ohno of Sinato has installed coils of aluminium sheeting at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo.

The ends of the rolls have been draped from the ceiling and the middles of some pushed upwards, while glass surfaces on top of the rolls can be used to display merchandise. 

Photographs are by Toshiyuki Yano. Here’s some more information from the gallery:  DIESEL DENIM GALLERYAOYAMA present a store installation “ROLLS” by Chikara Ohno / Sinato.

DIESEL DENIM GALLERYAOYAMA has a high reputation by curating featuring a lot of talented creators like video director Timothy Saccenti (Partisan) and an architect Makoto Tanijiri.

Among other exhibitors are architect Kimihiko Okada whose work Another Geography was scaled up at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and artist Mark Jenkins whowas chosen by Time magazine as one of the Top Ten Artists.

Now the gallery is known as a gateway to success for new artists and architects.

Concept by the architect:  The characteristic of aluminium, the material used fro the installation, is its softness and thinness, yet harder than cloth or paper. Its possession of both soft and hard qualities makes it easy to be bent by hands.

By winding and sometimesextending this single long strip of aluminium from the entrance to the back-end of the store, it creates a beautiful waving form, changing its function and features as the material strength changes.

This flexible quality of the material represents a gentle connection between the softness of clothes and hardness of architecture.

Title: ROLLS

Artist: Chikaro Ohno / Sinato Curation: Masaaki Takahashi (BRIZHEAD)  Date: 2010.7.23


Address: 6-3-3, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo / Web: (  by Dezeen , thanks for this source of inspiration )

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