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Selfridges Supports Project Ocean

The ocean is a source of food, a place for recreation, and its beauty has inspired countless artists. But, it’s under threat – from over-fishing and poor fishing practices.

From 11 May – 12 June 2011, Selfridges is partnering with more than 20 environmental and conservation groups to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, highlight the issue of over-fishing, help us all understand the threats to the ocean and make positive choices about the right fish to buy and eat.

We do not sell any endangered fish in our Foodhall or restaurants! We’ve also created the pocket-sized Selfridges Fish Guide which will tell you which fish are endangered, and which fish to eat instead in your favourite recipes or restaurants.

There will be a host of activities – both fun and serious – highlighting the issues, delivered by members of the marine conservation community and like-minded celebrities, artists, musicians, designers and chefs. Find out more at our What’s On section.

We are also raising money for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to create Marine Reserves – protected areas in the ocean set aside as safe havens for fish and their ecosystems. Selfridges has already committed to set up a new reserve in the Philippines. We’re asking you to help ZSL set up more by donating to Project Ocean and buying our exclusive products.

Pick up a Fish Guide from counters around the store, browse it online at or download the ‘Fish Forever’ smartphone app.

A donation of £10 will buy underwater paper to record fish species and numbers and £30 will secure a marker buoy for the boundary of a marine reserve. You can donate in a number of ways.

Donate through our revolutionary interactive homepage , download the ‘Fish Forever’ smartphone app, or click here to donate now by text or online.

Selfridges wants there to be healthy oceans and fish in the sea in 100 years and beyond.

We invite you to dive in, discover and support Project Ocean now!

The beautiful shirts that support the project are available here.

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