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Spring Collection by Jonatan Alves

In the editorial simply titled as “Spring Collection”, the photographer and graphic artist Michell Lott brings the models Diego Maffei and Fellipe DeLima as men who discover the countryside and nature.

In a retro and wild climate shown since the art used as a title, inspired by vintage labels and packaging, the pictures show men with enigmatic looks and skins stained by the sun, wearing classic clothes that have the liberty flowers as the flagship. Michell Lott creates the image of men at once rustic and sophisticated, natural and dark, owners of a chic simplicity surrounded by the climate, energy and mystery of nature.

The editorial presents the first collection of casual men’s tailoring by the designer Jonatan Alves, consisting of shorts and shirts in pastel colors and patterns like stripes, liberty flowers, flowers and foliage.

“Spring Collection” brings the nostalgia of the men from the past, who were men of valor, hard workers and lovers of elegance, characteristics these that every modern man should have.

Written by Marcelo Gabrich exclusive to creativeboysclub.

Team :

Models: Fellipe DeLima and Diego Maffei.

Photography, art and fashion production: Michell Lott.

Style: Jonatan Alves.

Jonatan Alves:

Michell Lot.:

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