AKANE – New works by Louise Mertens, Antwerp, Belgium.

AKANE – New works by Louise Mertens, Antwerp, Belgium.

About the artist.

Louise Mertens runs a fine art studio based in antwerp, belgium.
Her studio is focusing on aspirational visual concepts, creative +
art direction, editorial content, brand communication, artworks and design.

In addition to her studio work, louise makes personal art. Her artworks became a trademark of herself, translations Of her visual world and her admiration for different textures, materials and the unique sophistiacation of japanese art. She is inspired by the human face and body, the mysterious and Incomprehensible.

“The art of the subtle but important details force you to look With more patience.
Louise likes to step into dialogue with images through hiding and altering parts of
her characters. Manipulation in his purest form.


Jenya Vyguzov – The Power of Collage

Jenya Vyguzov – The Power of Collage

The Creative Boys Club team love these beautiful mixed media collages by Jenya Vyguzov. The 21 year old Russian artist Vyguzoy, creates powerful visual statements with photography, nature and fashion. His digital collage pieces show off incredible skills and visual plays that amaze and inspire. See more of his work at his tumblr site.


Very impressive works of digital art by Stephanie Lopes Simoes, Antwerpen, Belgium

Impressive work of digital art, illustrations, paintings and graphic design signed by Stephanie Lopes Simoes.

About the artist:

Stephanie lopes simoes is a graphic designer born in South africa , raised in portugal / belgium and currently living and working in Antwerp .

”In my works, i practice focused on Fashion , Photography Images and Collage.”- stephanielopeslo.tumblr.com

Art Now: Ciara Phelan – Collages

Ciara Phelan, is an talented freelance illustrator and textile designer in east London, recently launched her new website full of intricate collage work and other marvelous projects. Ciara has a notably talented eye for combining vintage ephemera and other goods, and has been commissioned for work by O, the Oprah Magazine, Volcom, and more.

Click here to see more amazing works!

Art Now: Dina Lynnyk Distorted Fashion Collages

Talented designer Dina Lynnyk based in Kiev, created this slightly disturbing series of fashion, photo illustrations based on graphic collages in which she blends together elements of designers collections into one portrait. The images are quite striking even if they are not what we would associate with traditional ideas of beauty.

The Art of Ernesto Artillo

There’s a lot of ancient art cropping up in contemporary culture these days – it’s hard to endlessly scroll through visual feasts of blogs without coming across a Titian next to a pair of rare Nike Air Max’s.

Ernesto Artillo is making blog-worthy collages combining high-end, seriously trendy photography of supermodels and ancient pieces of art in a terrific dusty fig/Italian sunset palette. The way he combines epic-worthy muscles with kind of terrifying plants is pretty astounding. Doing a bit of fashion editorial? Need some visuals? Ernesto’s your man.

Thanks to Liv Siddall and itsnicethat.com for this source of inspiration / ernesto artillo



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