Ibis Table Lamp with Black Satin Shade and Silver Tree Lamp by Cyan Design

Cyan Design makes fabulous home décor items that not only help you create a warm and inviting space, but also one of fun and playfulness. We hope you have as much fun displaying their creative and exciting designs as Cyan does in creating them. Available at burkedecor.com

Cirrata Octopus Lamp By Markus Johansson

Named after the suborder containing octopi, the ‘cirrata’ lamp series by swedish designer markus johansson adopts the form of the sea creatures in a project that stretches the conventions of the use of corian polymer surface.

Johansson explored many materials and techniques in developing that which he finally used for ‘cirrata’. In the pieces, the heat-formable corian is molded on wooden bases to attain its unusual shape. in his description of the project, johansson states:

”Unexpected experiences and surprises wait deep down on the ocean floor: a body with many arms which sweeps along and lights up the depth. Arrogant and presumptuous, there is no doubt about who is the ruler down here. a lonely but nevertheless unafraid character with forms born out of the resemblance to other inhabitants of the deep depths. Sometimes still, sometimes alive, all depending on occasion and company. the character is ‘cirrata’, a glowing lamp in the darkness of the ocean.” source designboom

Evil Robot Designs Transforms Childhood Toys into Stylish Lamps

As children we all have a few toys that mean a lot to us, that we take everywhere with us and that we can’t bear to be without. Many little kids form very strong attachments with their toys and even hang on to them through to adulthood. But there comes a point in all our lives where we outgrow these bonds and our treasured toys no longer play an important role in our lives. However, whilst we no longer need our toys, they still hold many treasured memories for us. What if we could find a way to transform our beloved childhood toys into useful and functional objects that we can make use of as adults?

Evil Robot Designs is the brainchild of EViL ED and Dan Robotic, an entrepreneurial duo that have taken it upon themselves to change the fate of all those cherished toys that we grow out of. Using only toys, they sculpt stunning lamps that are given a striking high gloss finish. Featuring action figures from some of the most popular cartoons and movies, including The Matrix, Thunderbirds, Shrek, Star Wars, He-Man and Spiderman, these eclectic lamps harbour years’ worth of memories that can be proudly displayed in our adult homes.

The collection of bespoke lamps includes four standard models: Matrix Black; White Witch; Pixar Black; and Super Red. However, it is possible to commission your own individual lamp using your personal childhood toys. source freshome

Pillhead lamps by A+Z Design

Hungarian studio A+Z Design will present these cute lamps with squashed heads at Tent London during the London Design Festival next month. Called Pillhead, the desk and floor lamps have a powder-coated stainless steel frame and anodised aluminium shades. 

Tent London takes place 22-25 September 2011 at the Old Truman Brewery London E1.

Here are some more details and a nice story from A+Z Design:

Return to the Source / senUFO – originals. 

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Imagine a happier story then the film “District 9″. Once upon a time there was an UFO floating above Africa, somewhere between the South of Mali and Ivory Coast. The aliens seeing that the locals have no furniture whatsoever, tried to approach them friendly with design. The locals have never seen such objects before, they started wondering what the strange metal and clean colours were. The metal was Aluminium and the colours were CMYK the four basic colours. 

After the aliens left the locals started copying these objects out of wood. This is how Senufo tribal carving has become known to the world.

Hungarian design duo a+z design was founded 2009 by Attila F. Kovacs and Zsuzsa Megyesi. Attila + Zsuzsa teamed up after several successful common interior design work to produce their own furniture and lighting collections. 

Attila studied architecture and design and spent over ten years in the film industry, designing sets for feature films, operas and commercials . His bar, restaurant and museum designs in Budapest are award-winning and have been featured in renowned international designed publications. Attila also worked as production designer for the movie Bel Ami, starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci. 

Zsuzsa studied art history and aesthetics and started her career as art curator. Living in Los Angeles her interest turned to interior design and styling. She worked for several feature and commercial films. After years of working for art and design magazines as design editor and interior stylist she became art director of STILUS Magazine. 

Thanks Deezen for this source of inspiration 

Pillhead floor lamp / h: 168cm w: 36cm d: 43cm / stainless steel frame, powder coated paint, anodized aluminium head, 

Pillhead table lamp / h: 68cm w: 26cm d: 33cm / stainless steel frame, powder coated paint, anodized aluminium head,

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