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Tea,Truffle and Rock’n'Roll

After been running in all Paris it’s time have a break in the new and original place:  The Horror Picture Tea.

“The new place to be” at this moment in Paris : A tearoom blended with a tattoo room. Made by Guillaume Sanchez  “The best French worker of the year”. Some of their pastries to wait your turn at the tattoo room. 


Tea: 4,50 euros  /  Pastries: 7 euros  /  Tea   Pastries combo : 10 euros

Tattoo Horror Picture tea combo : 1 tatoo = a Pastries and tea offers.

Tattoos : From 60 euros & 120€ by hour only with booked “rendez-vous”

Adress : Bistrot du Premier – 95 Rue St Honoré – Paris – 1er  / Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday : 2:30pm – 7pm / Thursday to Saturday : 2:30pm – 7pm • 7:30pm – 2am

This bar also create some events as : Painting Expo & Concerts.

The Alain Ducasse’s parisians restaurants offer you the chance to discover “the black truffle”

Until march, 3 big restaurants and bars by Alain Ducasse in Paris, let the population to have a look and have a chance to taste “the black truffle”. The Rech (17th arrondissement), Aux Lyonnais (2nd arrondissement) & The Relais Plaza (8th arrondissement), organize for the 3rd year  the “Cheap black Truffle operation” since the 4th January.

The client choose himself his truffle which will be cook. The product will be weight before to being cook. Wine to accompagny the dishes : Châteauneuf-du-Pape & Château Mont-Redon’ s Millésime

By Cyrielle Agullo / thevanguard for creativeboysclub

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