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The Art of Estela Cuadro | Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Estela Cuadro is a talented artist who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She mixes different techniques and the end result is a surreal world of colors and a wonderful psychedelic.

Some words of the artist:

When I was five years old I started drawing in a ordinary place where I took my first steps and I learned there technical knowledge. I remember I was very young then and that was pleasant for me at that moment.

This experience proved me something very important which is that my parents always take me where I coud learn what I want.

When I was four years old I left classical dance classes and my mother took me to this studio. Although it was very hermetic, I could introduce myself in the art world since I was young and I learned a lot of things from different painters, from books of art and in other ways. I consider that it is very important to help children to continue doing activities they like. You will have positive results later because you will get many tools for your work. When I started the graphic designer course at the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, I stopped drawing and illustrating.

I did not have free time because I was studying for the course and working at the same time. So much effort during all that years. I saw my degree so far.

When I graduated, about 23 years old, I took up illustration more deeply and in a professional side.

I met Silvia Mato´s studio. She was an important guide for me.
She drives me to recall my sensorial side from places I had never worked before. Silvia Mato also helps me to understand my body language, the energy and many other things. Turning all that into my drawings.

This is the first year I will not be with her and other people in the studio.

Surelly, It will be the start of something new. I hope and desire it.

One of the things that inspire me is music. It always transpose me and my sensory part takes me to an inside world, introspective. It nourishes my imagination, it motivates me. Constantly leads me to paint many of my painting and I feel pleasure of that. I feel like I never want to stop doing this. It is part of my lifetime.

I like the later works, in which I experimented with people, their posture, relation with the context and other people, animals and nature.

It always happens that the last thing I have done is what attracts me more.

Maybe it is because of my easy and quick boredom of what is equalI and I need constant changes. Although my style is very personal, I need to add something new to my work. It atracts me more. For example making my drawings with natural elements, using different supports, lerning how to tell the story throug the illustration, every time using more complex elements. I am learning all the time and I am always looking for changes in my tecnics, so this way I am continuous leaning.I consider more interesting this way of working and it is a challenge also.

I used a lot of tecnics, like pencil, small coal, oil. Specially when I was young. Nowadays I like to use more than one tecnic at the same time, and make a different result. I use India ink with salt, and I let them act freely on the support. I use other things to generate texture, and I use oil painting, pencils and pens to realize details. - Estela Cuadro

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