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The Art of Menno Fokma Studio – Netherlands

Well here’s something really inspiring to attract a lot of good ideas and creative energy. These guys really make us dream and believe that anything is possible.

Menno Fokma Studio is a next-level design and direction company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With enthusiasm and a strong dedication to quality we create cutting-edge mood films, title sequences, broadcast identities, fashion films, music artwork and videos.

”Our work is about pushing creative boundaries; exploring new ways of visualisation; rich illustrations with a surrealistic touch; mind-bending stories; inviting subconscious emotions to rise to the surface; sharing inspiration and making people wonder.”

Founded in 2010 by Menno Fokma, the studio has since grown into a dynamic network company. Collaborating with equally ambitious motion specialists, photographers, musicians, sound designers, writers, graphic designers and illustrators.

”We develop projects for commercial use and initiate art projects to express and explore new possibilities. Through our engagement in both fields, art and commissioned work influence and nourish each other in a natural and positive way.”

Menno Fokma Studio works for clients such as: Heineken, MTV International, Midway, Sanyo, Project SAM, Saturate Records, Hymen Records, and other major companies around the world.

Here is a nice selection of videos signed by this sensational Studio. 

Menno Fokma Studio Reel

Playgrounds Amsterdam Opener

”Playgrounds festival curator Leon van Rooij asked us to create the artwork for this years edition of the festival. While working on the stills we became enthusiastic to see them move. Previous months we also started collecting film equipment and really wanted to experiment with it. With these things in mind we decided do an extra tribute to a festival we love and started working on this live action with cgi driven short.”

MTV Activate

”MTV International commissioned me to come up with a package design for a new upcoming show, Activate. The show is about young people worldwide facing the difficulty of growing up. How they deal with problems and share knowledge to each other to become stronger. The chosen treatment uses the metaphor of kites to visualize rising out of problems together. The package is created for a pilot and contains a 7 sec. bumper, logo design and lower thirds.”

Menno Fokma / Showreel

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality. Abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.”

”The reel is a compilation of past projects; existing of commercial- and independent projects. A lot of work is done at, and in co-operation with, the amazing motion studio Onesize ( ). My role varied from (co-)direction to (post) production, but mostly art direction. Nowadays I work as independent director & designer.”

FITC Amsterdam 2012 Opening Titles

”We started with the theme of personality in social media at first. After narrowing it down and let it match with FITC we took it into the direction of the creation process. We wanted the viewer to be sucked into the mind of a creative. Show his roller coaster of emotions in his process. We contacted creative writer Tifene Huchet to write the story. She shaped Sam, a man that dreamed about discovering the universe since he was a little boy and is driven by it till this day.”

More works by Menno Fokma : / / /

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  1. Paulo Alwes 11/15/2012

    Marcelo, post simplesmente incrível! Obrigado por acrescentar conteúdo (de qualidade) à internet! Admiro muito seu trabalho. Abraço.

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