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The Art Of MILAN STAMENOVIC – Exclusive Interview

About the Designer:

Milan is based in Florence, Italy. He studied at Accademy of Fine Arts of Florence and graduated in 2009. His collections are produced in Italy.
Milius – 
Milan Stamenovic is 26 years old and is of Serbian origin. 
He graduated with honors in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and has specialized in the Haute Couture and Costume. 
His work is the fruit of a reflection that takes shape in the form of sophisticated artistic versatility and extreme attention to detail. 
”Time Collection” is an expression of times gone by that lives on in our memories, the inspiration from which is transformed through the craftsmanship of antique clocks.
The result is a collection of awards which honors young dandies.
Small precious jewellery sophistically created with agate, turquoise, coral and horns, reptile leather and feathers.

The preview of the second collection “Hunter”, presented at “Who is on next? Uomo ” for Pitti Immagine 2011 is the confirmation of his rich midlle – European style and the new creations let the pins become characters in a world that seems to belong to Hieronymus Bosch. 
Accessories, for Milan, are the absolutely essential element for a man’s wardrobe and characterizes it’s purpose. 
Here is the footwear, laced, in suede, tweed pied dè poule and leather or damask mocasins which complete the look for the man who loves to dress and live his own style. 
Gilet, cloaks, shirts and other garments are the defined traces of the style of Milan Stamenovic and his Houte Couture craftsmanship. 
Milan’s world encompasses carpets, damask and manufactured brass products, scents of the forest and incense, a crossroad of cultures that come together and live together in a style where eclecticism is the answer to the contemporary.

CBC: Who’s  Milan Stamenovic ? The man, not the designer.

MILAN: Any man for him self is like Pandora’s box.
Milan Stamenovic beside his creativity and senses for beauty and pioce, is a fighter. In life there are to many thing to confront to and not to escape to.

CBC: How did you realize you wanted to work in fashion?

MILAN: My obsession with aesthetics led me through many aspects of beauty. The charm of things around, of life, of people that I know waked up one strong desire which becomes passion and need to create beautiful things.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in painting. I worked on the sculpture, engraving, restoration, photography and design… After which I specialized in moderation in leather and postgraduate in high fashion and culture of costume. That gave me a proper direction when I want to go.

CBC: What inspires you in the world we live in today?

MILAN: The write inspiration can be contained in a single drop of the morning dew, if you can see it. The most unusual moments in a day or in referent experiences makes me realize the uniqueness of the moment which I use in creating process. There are entire oceans of things – movies – people – books -  fillings – emotions that evokes ideas and creative energy.

CBC: Do you believe that Internet sales is becoming the fashion in a globalized product? some brands are doing very similar clothes…

MILAN: There is a war going on bet vine brands. In absolute globalization and mixture of motions around the world in age of not defining tendencies and unclear moods, each brand of certain level is trying to do the most salable product looking one of the other and making the same thing. Art, beauty, passion are dead. The internet sales are providing one product to all, if the product isn’t original from the beginning then Internet sales become fashion are just Fashion Communism!

CBC: With all this crisis in the United States and Europe, which countries do you find most promising now?

MILAN: The economical facts are clearly showing that the game is passed on the Asian playground. If the history teaches us something that is that it’s repeatable. Now we could be desperate or we could see endless opportunities. The world isn’t that big and distant like before.

CBC: We believe that music really inspires fashion, and connects people around the world.. So tell us, which currently plays in your headphones?

MILAN: The sound is a beautiful creation and it can be a leading “note” of the inspiration. There is to many musical pieces on my mind, I would say that I prefer pieces be twine rock music and classical music.


 – On the WHO IS ON NEXT? UOMO 2011 in Florence during PITTI UOMO 80 was presented the preview of collection of men’s jewelry created by artist and designer Milan Stamenovic.

TIME COLLECTION by MILIUS MILAN STAMENOVIC is composed of 40 limited-edition jewelry all made using materials of different kinds of silver watches ranging from the late 800 and early 900, semi-precious stones, coral, metals such as tin, brass, porcelain clocks districts, snake skin… Collection is composed of unique and unrepeatable pieces all made by hand. The name of the collection is perfectly suited to the meaning intended by the designer that is a timeless jewel. Being honored with pin – medal that are MILIUS’es jewelry, the one who be wearing the jewel would be embellished it self. A gem that recalls the taste of a style from the past enhanced with the appearance of man of today.

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