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The Art of Rafal Karcz – Poland

The work of Rafal Karcz, a contemporary artist from Cracow, can be broadly described as urban stylistic, bordering on the underground and the mass culture.

Working primarily with photography and watercolor, but also incorporating other techniques, Karcz creates a personal, non-realistic world that oscillates between the excesses of the psychedelic era and contemporary pop culture. Karcz submits the existing world to a carefully designed manipulation, creating a new subjective quality that bridges existing reality and the well established ethic of a contemporary audience. The artist turns his attention toward the world of crowded cafes, smoke-filled bars, and noisy concert halls. The main protagonists are young people who are reaching insatiably toward a sinful world of drugs.

Karcz presents the universal world in a synthetic and contour-like way. At the same time, his work stresses the fleeting nature of time through the use of out-of-focus composition. This style lends itself to the subject of his art; momentary situations are rendered as hastily sketched lines. The artist then superimposes splotches of transparent paint. Karcz’s technique references the messiness of a bohemian underground . Despite being a skilled draftsman, Karcz prefers methods that imply a disregard for the aesthetic value of his work.

We love the colors and all that energy of these works! This is Rock’n Roll  into an art form.

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