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The giant, full-colour photographs of Petros Chrisostomou

Petros Chrisostomou lives and works in London. Of his work he writes, ”My work is multi faceted, and is inspired by my perception of reality through mediated modes of communication. It is also much to do with ones reading of scale, as well as idealistic, and comments on class and taste also. I am interested in simulacra and make large free standing sculptures that physically exist in the real world as well as fabricated miniature constructs (or still lives) that I photograph to assume an alternate reality, these mirror the physical works that I make to form a circulatory dialogue between fact and fiction”.

In his photographs, the exuberant assemblage of objects in luxurious interiors – resembling wreckage from some disaster -create paradoxical still lifes that parody the traditional memento mori style of the genre. In his works Rococo bluff I and Rococo bluff 2, the objects he creates out of balloons, chewing gum, fabric and glasses are freed of their ordinary use and become dynamic protagonists.

Similarly, the details of the rococo set consist of everyday objects, functioning as contemporary cultural signifiers. Christosomou’s photographs become the field for mixing the high- and the low-brow, mass culture and genre painting, the luxurious and the expendable, as indications of social class distinctions. At the same time, the relations between the real and the imaginary in his oeuvre are a commentary on the mediated images of contemporary mass media that distort the natural and immediate dimension of our relation to reality, determining, among other things, the conditions for viewing and receiving art.

Tina Pandi

Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

Extract from In Present Tense – Young Greek Artists

Click here to see more works of this talented artist.

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