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The Incredible Hats by Deryck Todd

Only the designer Deryck Todd can take a regular hat and turn it into show stopping fashion.

Deryck Todd started wearing hats at the age of 5 when his mom dressed him up like Robin Hood and was stuck being jealous of his sister, Tinkerbell. Through high school, he sported baseball caps, but come adulthood, those sport team hats just weren‚Äôt cutting it‚Äî not to mention they clashed with his smokey eye make up. So he began to cover up the boring cap with glam: gems, studs, chains, feathers, whatever he could get his hands on.  And thus, the line of Deryck Todd hats was born.

Founded in 2009, Deryck Todd’s haberdashery always has necks snapping and jaws dropping. Inspired by the very New York streets he grew up in, nightlife culture, and most of all, his glittery imagination, Deryck Todd has become a mythical figure of the downtown fashion underground. His creations have adorned the Village Voice’s Michael Musto, Maybelline’s Charlotte Kemp Muhl, New York Magazine’s fashionuru Amy Odell, and also have been featured in the pages of Vogue Italia, Seventeen and Sportswear International.

Each of his creations are meticulously adorned by hand with dynamic crystals, spikes, chains, coins, buttons, feathers, pompoms, and pure lust for dramatic glamour.

Currently, his hats can be found at luxury boutiques: Patricia Field and Any Old Iron in New York City and Korean boutique Daily Projects, Singapore‚Äôs Night Vision and coming soon to Dubai.

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