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The launch of the Dr Romanelli ”Prescription Shoppe”

Some kind of alchemy is afoot. Something brewing, formulating from deep within London’s East End. In an unassuming space, something brilliant this way comes. Using their third room as an ever-evolving area in which to house designers, projects and one-off experiences, this Winter & beyond sees Hostem play host to cult collaborator & fashion innovator, Doctor Romanelli’s Prescription Shoppe. 

Bringing his brand of ‘personalization & customization’ to the UK, Dr. Romanelli (aka DRx), the L.A based designer who began experimenting with customized clothing and has naturally evolved to develop a unique process of collaborations with established brands.

Dr. Romanelli’s Prescription Shoppe, complete with separate entrance on Chance Street, E2 features a collection of unique fittings that evoke the sense of an old world pharmacy. The world according to Dr. Romanelli is one in which, as a sartorial surgeon, he stitches together and cross-breeds clothing to create individual pieces, tailored hybrids, using what has gone before as a skeleton on which to infuse his renegade style panache. 

” My work is about storytelling’, says Romanelli who has collaborated with brands as diverse as Nike, Converse, Levis, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Dunhill, each of them seeing him re-work what has gone before to create something entirely new. 2006 saw the launch of his ground breaking 181 Martel retail space/gallery in LA that houses all of his sought after goods.

The Prescription Shoppe will welcome a host of collaborations, some of which are listed below and debuted for the first time between Dr. Romanelli and an array of style boundary breakers. 

Toying with notions of Americana, Romanelli and Hitoshi Tsujimoto’s cult brand Real McCoys mash US pop culture with military accents, with Romanelli snipping, splicing and dicing the garment to reinvent each piece to his trademark technical accomplishment. 

Similar sartorial deconstructions and re-workings have been formed with Japanese work-wear brand Anachronorm creating crisp cotton and denim Americana inspired items… ”

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