Super Lançamento! Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira 2016 – Projetado para Velocidade

Tye Sokkuan by Lester Lai for Vulture March 2013

Tye Sokkuan in Burberry captured by fashion photographer Lester Lai  for Vulture March 2013, stylized by  CK Koo.

Hair: Ken Hong /  Floral Artist: Dan Takeda / Clothes: Burberry

About the magazine:

VULTURE is an independent space to explore ideas that would influence a new establishment of a younger creative class. Focusing on the key movers of contemporary culture, it aims to curate and reflect highlights of the current zeitgeist. Empowering a partnership between art, design, music and people to bring a new consciousness to the masses, Vulture, as the name suggests, is a stealthy dive towards the new and is always on the prowl for what is yet to come.

”Independent in essence, and in our creative pursuits, we run on the belief that merit prevail and relevance to the present will find itself a spot in this shared space. The dream is to fearlessly indulge curious minds and champion each other’s creative conviction.”

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