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Urban Golf by Squire and Partners with Eduardo Recife

Urban Golf by Squire and Partners with Eduardo Recife / text by Ricardo Hernandez ( for yatzer)

It is imperative to crave a time-out or an escape to a meeting or two in the golf course or simply just go to the range and relax while working on your game. In a dense, hectic and busy city like London, there must be a please to release and collect yourself amongst the cacophony of urban life. That might be easy to do in many cities around the world but  when living in London, that simple desire could be a good hour outside the city. Say no more, Urban Golf now brings the largest indoor golf venue in the UK for with a contemporary British charm.

Inspired by English country house style and exclusive gentlemen clubs, the work done by British architects, Squire and Partners, provides the comfort of the old classic style with the amenities and flare of today’s diverse urban dweller. With Chesterfield sofas and chairs, dark walnut panelling and floors, the interiors ground the formality of the English style but Squire and Partners collaborated with Brazilian illustrator Eduardo Recife to bring life to the interior walls with Victorian inspired wallpaper that unfolds classic golf imagery. The richly layered murals feature Edwardian and Victorian golf imagery that make any visitor look closer into the graphic narratives. The mix of classic style and dynamic illustrations make this venture an exciting environment to be a part of. Eduardo Recife’s work and style truly engages the excitement of the sport in an urban environment.

The interiors is truly a man’s world. A place to enjoy, hone your skills or simply gather with friends for a drink or a quick video game fix. Urban golf tailors the style of classic English country style but adapts to our contemporary masculine behaviors and hobbies. I am sure Urban Golf will continue to be the gentleman’s retreat in London so no worries ladies, you know where they are.

Squire and Partners is a major UK practice with a substantial body of work.  Michael Squire has led it with an approach that is collaborative rather than autocratic.  Driven by the desire to continually refine and evolve the practice’s work, he has remained determined to maintain its early vitality, and to create an environment in which the second generation can build upon, exceeding the achievements of the first.

Eduardo Recife is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and typographer from Brazil. He is creator of Misprinted Type, a website featuring his personal works, collages, drawings, and typefaces.


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