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Video: adidas Originals “Unite All Originals” with Run DMC & A-Trak Teaser

Inspiration works both ways, so when the original masters of collisions Run DMC clashed with prince of clubs A-Trak for Unite All Originals the old school met the new school and something BRAND NEW was born. Set in New York, Run DMC are the players in a music video that is controlled by you. Using voice commands and adding visual effects, you will be able to influence the video and trigger special effects and animations at adidas online.

Right from the start, Run DMC have constantly collided with cultures, inspiring others at every turn. The rap pioneers were the first to unite hip-hop with rock and fashion with music. Now they’re at it again in a new-school tussle with the hottest mixmaster on the planet.

Watch the video: adidas Originals “Unite All Originals” with Run DMC & A-Trak Teaser

And in the greatest collision of all, fans across the world can unite with Run DMC in an interactive film that brings the legends to life. Visit for the full experience

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